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Send personalized text messages to drive sales, create stronger relationships, and build customer loyalty.

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A Smart Text Message Marketing Platform for Businesses

Automated Outreach

Every scheduled message can have a personalized touch with Respond Flow's core features.

Easy Onboarding

Easily add your customers through our online platform or with a variety of ways in-person.

2-Way Communication

Respond Flow users get their very own 10-digit phone number that allows for 2-way calling and texting.

Time-Saving Integrations

Save time uploading contacts by doing it automatically with Zapier.

Personalized Consumer Outreach

Reaching out to your customers on a personal level has never been easier with our features.

Choose the exact time and date you want to send your text, or set a message to send when a new customer joins.

How to automate your business communications

Easily add personal attributes like first and last name.

How to automate and build texting templates

Organize your customers into groups using tags and easily find contacts using our search filters.

Send and receive text messages from your customers on your contact list. Respond Flow supports inbound calls by privately rerouting them to a number of your choice.

We Won’t Hold You Back

You can enjoy all of Respond Flow’s features no matter what plan you are on. With unlimited text messages and user-based pricing, Respond Flow is the most scalable business text solution.

Why Use Text Message Marketing?

Reach your customers in a way that makes them want to respond.

Percentage of text messages opened by customers
Percentage of customers that prefer texts over email
Overall Engagement with Text Messaging vs. Email
Percentage Increase In Conversions vs. Cold Calling
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