This is Respond Flow


We are passionate about bridging human connections. We are serious about empowering people to be brilliant at building relationships with their customers – no matter what they do.

Text messages are the best way to reach your audience and build human-centered relationships. With a 98% average open rate for over 23 billion daily text messages worldwide, it has the potential to let business owners provide customers with a more meaningful, human and intelligent customer experiences.

That’s why we’re rebuilding the text message automation experience from the ground up.

At Respond Flow, you’ll shape the future of text message marketing, communication and productivity.

Let’s show the world how it should be.

– Martin Lien
Respond Flow CEO
Respond Flow Text Automation

Our Team

See who is behind the Respond Flow magic.

Martin Lien

Chief Executive Officer

- Martin Langelo Lien
- 24
- Chief Executive Officer
- Taco Aficionado
- The deal finder
- “Kom igjen a gutta!”

Austin Graham

Chief Technical Officer

- Austin Graham
- 24
- Chief Technology Officer
- The inventor of Urban Cow Farms
- Dad bod support group leader
- “Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing”

Matt Morfopoulos

Chief Growth Officer

- Matt Morf
- 22
- Chief Growth Officer
- Leads a group of 15 hippies
- Has frozen seaweed in the freezer
- “Hey Austin, can we automate (insert dating app)?”

C.J. Barrette

Media Director

- 27
- Media Director
- The Oklahomie

Peter Daggett

Head of Sales

- Peter Daggett
- 22
- Head of Sales
- Life goal is to be Spider-Man
- Leads a wolf pack of one very small dog
- *Yelling* "ROCKY…”

Rocky Daggett

Chief Dog Officer

- Rocky Daggett
- 1.85
- Chief Dog Officer/Customer Success Associate
- Decent snuggler
- Horrible at small talk
- No sense of personal space

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