Don’t reach out like a robot

With our automated initial outreach you can contact customers in a way that makes them actually want to respond.

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Respond Flow easy text message automation for business owners

2-Way Texting and Calling

Don’t just blast your customers. Communicate with them using two-way texts and phone calls, all under one phone number.
You can even use emojis.

Visit our Getting Started Guide.

Automate Your Text Messaging

Save time with Respond Flow by creating message templates, organizing contacts, scheduling messages, and automating workflows.

Reach Out At Scale

Template and schedule your messages to go out to all of your customers (no matter the number). Segment and organize your customers with custom tags.

How to automate and build texting templates

Welcome Messaging

Whether its a VIP campaign, lead outreach, or customer followup, Respond Flow automatically sends a customized welcome message when a new customer signs up.

How to automate your business communications

Contacts & Integrations

Connect your contacts with the web apps and tools you already use.


With our Zapier integration, you can upload your contacts quickly and effortlessly.


Find contacts and conversations by searching by name, tags, and other filters.

Excel Support

Uploading your contacts is easy, simply upload them from an excel sheet using a .CSV file.


Respond Flow's tagging system allows you to organize your contacts into groups.

Restrictions? We said nah.

Respond Flow is a platform that doesn’t add unnecessary limitations.


Unlimited Texting

Respond Flow is built off of Twilio's SMS and calling platform, we don't limit or up-charge for any text messages sent.

Your Very Own Number

If you don't already have a Twilio number, Respond Flow will help you create a number that you’ll own forever.

10-Digit Numbers

Your contacts will receive messages and calls from a 10-digit number, because after all, we may automate SMS but we're not robots.

Privacy & Call-Forwarding

Your privacy is important. All of your text messages and calls are connected to your new 10-digit number but will privately forward to a phone device of your choice.

No Price Increases

We want you to grow. That's why we never raise our prices based on the number of texts you can send.

Data Privacy

Never fear, our platform is built on the Google Cloud with your data privacy as a top priority.