A Smarter Texting Tool

Personalized Messaging

Make every message feel human by automatically including each customer's first name.

Grow Your List

Easily add customers through online forms or bulk contact uploading.

Two-Way Communication

Use a 10-digit phone number that allows for two-way text and call forwarding.

Time-Saving Integrations

Integrate your SMS with the tools you already use through Zapier.

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An Effective Solution with a Focus on Simplicity

With a simple interface, easy-to-use features, and time-saving integrations, your outreach has never been this effective.

Mass Messages

Keep your mass messages feeling personal by automatically including each contact’s first name.


Automatically send a text when a new contact signs up, when a contact gets updated, or when a contact texts in.

Two-Way Text and Call

Answer incoming texts on the web or mobile app and get phone calls forwarded to the number of your choice.

Contact Segmentation

Get your message out to the right people by grouping your contacts with tags.

Dynamic Personalization

Build templates that include each customer’s first or last name to give each message a personal touch.

How to automate and build texting templates

Powerful Integrations

With integrations to 1500+ apps, add new contacts and send messages without lifting a finger.

Simple Message Scheduling

Get your marketing set days, weeks, or months ahead of time with mass message scheduling, or schedule a follow up message for individual contacts.

How to automate your business communications

Enhance Your Texting Experience

Mobile App

Answer texts on the go with the Respond Flow Mobile App.

MMS Picture Messages

Add pictures to your messages to make them stand out from the crowd.

Call Forwarding

With automatic call forwarding, customers can easily reach your business line by calling the same number you text them on.

Unlimited Messages

Unlike other text services, Respond Flow never limits you or changes your prices based on the number of texts you send.

Local Numbers

Send your messages with a local 10-Digit number from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Data Privacy

Respond Flow is built on the Google Cloud with your data privacy and safety as a top priority.

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