💦What in the World is an SMS Drip?💦

When you hear the word “Drip” there may be a few things that come to mind…

You may think of Cardi B and Migos. You may think of a leaky faucet. You may think of your morning coffee being made, or even of tears you’ve shed.

Well… That’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about DRIP CAMPAIGNS!

So what is a drip campaign you may ask?

Quite simply, it’s the easiest solution for you to start activating, engaging, and converting your leads. 

By definition, a drip campaign is a marketing campaign strategy that involves sending a series of scheduled, automated messages. You’ve probably seen this firsthand in your email inbox when you inquire or sign up for a new service. You’ll get the first email the day you sign up, another two days later, another four days later, and so on. This has been the most simple and effective strategy for email marketing and has made companies like MailChimp household names. For many people, the words “drip campaign” have become synonymous with email marketing. 

We’re here to fix that. 

With Respond Flow’s new SMS Drip Campaign feature, you’ll be able to schedule your entire marketing campaigns in advance, and “drip” each message to your leads and customers with set time blocks in-between messages. 

Now you’ll be able to have the same easy personalization and automation you’re used to with your email software, on a channel that gets opened 98% of the time!

With the easy “On-Join” campaign feature, prospects or customers that opt-in are automatically placed directly into a campaign of your design! 

Respond Flow’s SMS Drip Campaigns even have a “Smart Campaign” feature, which allows you to choose whether messages continue to be sent after someone texts back, or if they stop sending after you get a response.

If you’re ready for a set-it-and-forget-it solution that will help you spark communication, keep your business top of mind, and build an army of loyal customers, sign up for Respond Flow’s free trial today!

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