How To Set Up Your First Drip Campaign

It’s finally here! Drip Campaigns are officially launched on Respond Flow! Now you can schedule all of your messages in advance with pre-determined wait times in between messages. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be drippin’ away in no time!

Step 1: Write your Messages

Click the Templates Sub-Tab and Create your messages.

We recommend naming each message in this format:

“Campaign Title (Message Number): Message Title”

Example: “Lead Drip 1: Welcome Message”

Step 2: Click on the Campaigns Tab

Step 3: Name Your Campaign

Step 4: Choose Scheduled or On-Join

  • Scheduled Drip Campaigns have a specific start date and each message will be sent at the same time to all customers in the campaign.
  • On-Join Drip Campaigns have no specific dates associated with each message. Instead, customers will be on their own individual schedule depending on when they join the campaign.

Step 5: Choose your Tags

Use Tags to choose the segment of customers that should be entered into the campaign.

Step 6: Toggle Smart Campaign… Or don’t!

Smart Campaigns are drip campaigns that automatically stop sending messages when a customer responds to one of the messages.

  • If you’re using Campaigns as a Sales and Marketing tool to nurture leads, you’ll likely want to enable Smart Campaigns so you can begin two-way communication when leads respond to your messages.
  • If you’re using campaigns for a VIP deals club, leave the smart campaigns off, as you will likely want to continue sending them deals even if a customer responds.

Step 7: Click “Add Drip” to Add Your First Message

  • Choose your wait time and template
  • Repeat this step to continue adding all of your campaign messages

Step 8: Click “Create Campaign” and Push the Play button to set it live!

That’s it! If you’re not quite ready to start sending your messages, just leave the campaign paused and it will be saved for later.

Now it’s your turn! Log in to your Respond Flow account to create your very first drip campaign today and start converting more leads, building a recurring customer base, and bringing up your bottom line!

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