The Cost of Poor Customer Service

Customer experience is the new marketing battleground. More than 2/3 of companies in the marketplace today compete based on the experience they deliver to their customers – not on their product. When done correctly, customer experience can lead to long-term growth. Unfortunately if your company does not prioritize customer service, there will be backlash from customers.

Businesses underestimate the impact of a bad customer experience. More than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service.  33% of Americans would consider switching companies after only one instance of poor service . Even though there is a lot to lose, many companies still don’t give their customer experience the time of day.   

This leaves sales and marketing teams in a tricky situation. Not only does a bad customer experience hurt your growth effort, but also pushes away the customers you already have. The pressure to give a great first impression is more crucial than ever as most companies are adopting automation tools to meet customer demand. The teams that learn how to craft an automated experience that still has a human touch will stand out among the crowd of robocalls and chatbots. 

Businesses that are consumer facing are in the people business. No matter the product or service,  the people you serve should come first if you want to grow. Today customers have countless options to choose from, which means countless opportunities to leave your brand for another. Deliver a great customer experience throughout the lifetime of a consumer and you will see the long term benefits.

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