Why No One Is Listening To You On Social Media

10 years ago we believed content was king and that we as marketers had to make a lot of it. ‘

Today the marketing landscape has drastically changed. The fact of the matter is, scrambling to make tons of content doesn’t work anymore.


There are too many marketers on the same channels, deploying the same tactics, and fighting over the same customers.

Here’s a quick visual representation:

This is what social media was like 10 years ago. Empty, clean, and open for people to speak their mind and be heard.

Fast Forward to today and…

Now shoulder to shoulder, marketing on social media is a never ending battle to be heard through the madness.

Although there are people who can cut through the noise, they usually have:

  1. A lot of cash
  2. A high level of expertise

Unfortunately, most marketers don’t have the cash to fuel social media’s “pay to play” model and the majority of businesses don’t have the time to gain the expertise in an effective amount of time.

What should marketers do instead

I’ve been giving social media a lot of flack in this blog, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using it. Keep posting on social media along with everything else you’ve been doing.

The solution to being heard is finding a new beach that lets you be heard. Where are these channels? To name a few:

  1. SMS
  2. Tik Tok
  3. Snap Chat
  4. Youtube

There are countless marketing channels that have yet to be crowded by the majority of marketers. As the founding member of an SMS marketing software , I see many marketers underestimate these underused channels. 

After witnessing the results SMS marketing has had for our customers, I began thinking about how marketers could find new beaches. Why fight to be heard on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when you can implement underused channels and get you message heard?

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