3 Typeform Quizes That Will Generate Leads

If you’ve read my last post about generating leads with Typeform, you’ll already know that quizes are a fun and engaging way to both capture and qualify leads.

In this blog post we’ll be going over 3 Typeform quizes that you can use to start generating leads.

1. Personality Quizes

We’ve all taken a Buzzfeed quizes to learn which Harry Potter character we most resemble.

These quizes are a fun time waster for your customers and they help you collect contact information you can use to retarget your quiz participants.

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2.Subject Tests

If you’re selling a product or service understanding your leads understanding of the subject is critical to meeting them where they are in the buyer’s journey.

This is a great opportunity to generate qualified leads who are interested in an industry relevant subject, but to also cross promote educational content on your website to a less than educated lead.

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3. Consultative Quizes

Sometimes, your quiz participants know that they want a product similar to yours or they already have it and want to learn how to effectively use it.

Creating quizes that map out your lead’s industry, goals, and business model will not only allow you to qualify your incoming leads, but will also give you information to help you sell them on your product/service.

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