Texting your customers doesn’t have to be limited to just black text on a screen. MMS, short for multimedia messaging service, is a type of text message that allows you to send images, videos, and gifs to your contacts. 

If you’re sending your customers text messages, images and videos should be among the top priorities for your SMS Strategy.

To get your creative juices flowing and your customers asking for more texts, here are 3 ways you can use MMS to captivate your contacts.

1. Send Pictures or videos of your product

This is a use-case that retail and eCommerce stores should use as the center corner piece of their text message marketing strategy. Today’s shoppers want to understand what they’re buying well before they make a purchase. A picture or video sent directly from the team will ensure that customers can trust the quality of your products.

Pair your media with a promotion that gives your SMS subscribers a deal on the product shown. This will give your VIP clients a more engaging customer experience.

2. Send 1-to-1 Videos

Similar to your products, your customers want to meet the people behind the business. Knowing that there are real people running your business helps establish trust with shoppers.

This use-case is applicable to any business and doesn’t require anything more than a cell-phone. Take your phone out, pump yourself up by watching YouTubers, hit the record button, and start talking to your customers.

You can use this to promote events your hosting, send out exclusive content to your SMS subscribers, or give those same subscribers a shout-out for being awesome. Personalization and exclusivity is the key to making a channel valuable. Make it worth your customers while to keep receiving your text messages.

3. Gifs and Memes

Gifs and Memes are a crucial part of today’s modern marketing tactics. If you are not using them, I’d highly suggest you reconsider.

Why? Because EVERYONE relates to them.

Sending your customers the right meme or gif can score your business serious points with your customers. It’s a sign that you understand who they are and what they relate to.

The best part is that there are memes and gifs for everyone, no matter what kind business you run. If you want to get your feet wet you should look at Giphy as well as meme base to get you started.

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