5 Ways to Grow Your SMS List

So you’ve picked out your SMS software, have a strategy set up, and are about to reap the benefits that SMS has for your business.

Not quite….

Similar to email marketing, the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns depend on the size and quality of customers who subscribe to your SMS list.

Although I’ve seen Respond Flow customers grow a list of 3000 customers in less than a week, this is the exception. For most businesses who use SMS, they will need to deploy many strategies to constantly grow their list and increase the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns.

Here are 5 ways that you can grow your list to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns:

1. Capture numbers on your website

Just create a form and place it on your website. This is the easiest start to growing any SMS list. Your website should be the centerpiece of all of your marketing efforts. If you are driving traffic to your website, then creating a form to capture contact information will allow you to start growing your list.

2. Offer an incentive on your social media

More than likely, most customers won’t want to give their personal cell phone numbers for nothing. Offer an incentive for your customers to join the list with a small discount or free information for joining. This can be done by creating a simple landing page that sends them the discount via SMS after they leave their information.

3. Tell you email subscribers that you have an SMS list

If you have loyal followers over email, they may want to communicate with your businesses over text. Tell them you want to keep the conversation going with them over SMS. If you want to get really creative, you can even offer incentives for them to onboard their friends to the list.

4. Ask them to join the list whenever they come into your retail front

This doesn’t apply to those with strictly online businesses, but for those with retail stores, just ask. Everytime a customer comes through the door, ask them if they want to get promotions and deals via SMS. If they are returning customers, this is a great way to keep them coming back and inspire brand loyalty.

5.   Guerilla marketing and posters go a long way

Some of our customers have gotten creative and created posters with QR codes leading to a landing page that collects numbers. If you want to maximize reach IRL and out of store, this is an alternative way to grow your list.

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