5 Ways to Integrate Your SMS Marketing With Your Social Media Strategy

SMS is one of the quickest ways to reach out to an audience and make sure that your message is read. 

Use this to your advantage when creating a social media strategy. By integrating SMS into your overall social media strategy, you’ll be able to grow your SMS list but more importantly increase your social media’s overall engagement and effectiveness.

Here are 5 ways you can get started:

1. Product Announcements

If you have any important changes or updates on your social media and you want to make sure that you get engagement for that special social media post then you can send a mass text to your SMS subscribers letting them know you have a:

  • New product released
  • Important announcement

2.Encourage your SMS list to post User Generated Content

User Generated Content is an effective way to grow your reach on social media. Not only are you pooling from your direct network, but you get access to your follower’s network when you encourage them to post user generated content.

By using your SMS list to encourage UGC (User Generated Content) you’ll be able to turn your most loyal followers into brand advocates.

Offer an incentive for your customers to post on their social media with your brands hashtag along with any additional copy that may relate to the product, service, or content piece you’re promoting. In a previous blog post you can learn how Gary V. uses his SMS list to encourage his audience to create content and promote his podcast.

3.Text to win contest

To entice your social media following to join your SMS list, you may want to create a text to win contest. All that’s required is creating a special landing page form that enters the participants into a raffle to win a prize. 

This strategy is also a great method to segment your audience with a specific prize offering and setting up automated campaigns to send them related offerings.  

4.SMS for sweepstake promotion

As opposed to leading your social media followers to your SMS list, you can reverse the strategy and lead your SMS list to participate in a social media contest.

This is easily done by sending your SMS contacts a link to your social post and ask them to participate in the promotion.

5.Automate a reply

Great! These strategies are effective. You’re growing an SMS List and your social media posts are getting more likes and followers.

Why not create an automated on join reply, that messages your contacts when they subscribe to your SMS marketing. This could be a great time to promote your other social media profiles and provide links that let your followers go to your other marketing channels to like, comment, and follow.

SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing Are a Powerful Duo

When combined with social media marketing, SMS marketing can help not only get your message heard, but also supercharge your other marketing channels. Just make sure to share valuable information with your contacts and to leverage your SMS list to drive traffic to other marketing channels.

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