How to Use SMS Text Message Marketing to build your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is somewhat of an art. Carving out and maintaining a niche within your discipline is no easy feat. Nowadays your personal brand is both parts your online presence just as much as it is IRL (In Real Life).

Once you’ve built your following, how do you maintain these relationships you’ve built over the years?

SMS Text Message Marketing

If you have never heard of using SMS Text Message Marketing to build your brand and social media presence then you’ll be surprised at how effective it is.

The open rate for SMS messages is as high as 97%, considerably higher than through email marketing. 

In a mobile first society, this is an opportunity to connect with your audience in a direct and personal way.

How can SMS Text Message Marketing Benefit Your Personal Brand?

As someone who is trying to build their personal brand, a major goal is to communicate with your followers, grow your social media, and get more people to attend events – seminars, conferences, or webinars.

SMS Text Message Marketing to communicate with your followers:

While social media is a great way to communicate with your followers, it’s not always two-sided, and it is nowhere near intimate. With SMS Text Message Marketing, you are able to send personalized messages with your followers first name and communicate with them like you would be texting a friend. If you send exclusive messages, a video or something personal, your audience will become your loyal fans. 

Here’s an example of how Gary V. uses SMS Text Message Marketing to communicate with his following.

SMS Text Message Marketing to grow your social media:

Growing your social media has never been easier than texting your followers. Send personalized messages and videos to your audience that no one else gets. You can also send links to important updates posted on your social media, create promotions that will incentivize your followers to create UGC (User generated Content) and more. Here is an article full of marketing SMS examples and SMS advertising samples.

SMS Text Message Marketing to increase event attendance:

Getting even your most loyal followers to attend even a digital webinar can be tiresome. Traditionally emails have been used to send reminders to contacts for upcoming events. If you’ve looked at your own mailbox, you’ll probably see countless emails unopened. That’s because no one opens their emails!

If you’re using an SMS Text Marketing Software, you can automate event reminders and even respond to any questions if you are using a 10-digit long code number.


  • Building a personal brand takes work. You need to start sending marketing messages to help maintain your brand
  • SMS Text Marketing is the most effective way to communicate directly with your followers
  • You can use SMS Text Marketing to send intimate content, grow you social media, and increase event attendance.
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