How to Use Text Message Marketing As A Fitness Influencer

As a fitness influencer, you have no choice but to spend your hours in the gym, doing meal prep, creating and editing your content, and staying engaged on your social media. But is that really what your job is? 

No, it’s not. 

Your job, first and foremost as a fitness influencer is to motivate.

Some of your followers may engage with your post purely because of your visual aesthetic. However, those followers are not the ones who are going to purchase your gated content, try your recommended affiliate products, or build your network of people that will. 

The followers that you want, are the ones that look to you as their initiative to get to the gym. You get them off the couch. 

But is social media enough? Are your followers really seeing and engaging with every post? Do they let you know that you got them to the gym today? 

Probably not. 

There are tens of thousands of fitness influencers out there, each trying to make their own distinctive mark and build their individual followings. 

So how can you stand out? How can you be the most motivating influencer and avoid being just another one in the crowd? 

It’s simple, you can text. 

By sending your audience motivating fitness text messages, you can set yourself apart from all the others. 

Everyone looks at their texts. They will always see

Still unsure how to implement SMS into your marketing strategy?

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