Ryan Leslie: How Musicians can combine Spotify and SMS to engage their listeners

Ryan Leslie is a recording artist and record producer from Washington DC. Ryan uses SMS marketing along with Spotify to grow his audience and engage his followers in a unique and meaningful way.

As a musician, building a relationship with your fans and keeping them engaged with your music is the key to a loyal fandom. Why not build the relationship right when they get on your profile.

Here’s what Spotify has to say about this.

*We skipped you ahead to 1:03 for the fun stuff*

Back To Ryan Leslie

Ryan is a major advocate and user of SMS marketing for his own fans. His biggest use case is adding a CTA on his artist pick to direct listeners to a landing page.

Ryan Leslie

Once you click through to the landing page, you see a picture of Ryan sprawled out in the background. In the center of the page is a basic form and CTA asking for the visitors Cell Phone Number.


After entering your number… VOILA!

What does this mean for other Musicians

The possibilities are endless for musicians to use SMS to promote their brand, music, and merchandise.

If you’re a musician looking to build an intimate relationship with your fans, then you can’t do better than with SMS.

You can use this software to increase attendance at shows, get the word out about merch, and  even make surprise phone calls to your fans.

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