SMS Lead Follow Up For Sales Teams

If your in sales- developing a strategy to convert your leads into customers faster should always be on the top of your mind.

As you have probably seen form your own experiences, it’s not always easy to get a response from leads let alone constantly follow up with them. You might be tempted to use email and cold calling to follow up with your leads because – EVERYONE is doing it.

I’m here to tell you that just because everyone is doing it, does not mean that is how your leads and potential customers want to interact with your company.

If you’ve read any of our past blog posts, you would understand that today consumers are fed up with old channels of communication. Email are not fast enough to meet consumers need for immediate feedback, while cold calling is disruptive and relies on customers being ready to have the conversation at that moment.

Today’s consumers want immediate conversations when they are ready to have them.

That leaves us with SMS.

SMS is direct and opened 98% of the time by customers. It also allows them to sit back, wait, and feel prepared to engage in the sales conversation they’re about to have. This is why SMS lead follow up is so powerful.

How do I use SMS to follow up with my leads?

“Great! People love to text. How do I use that for my lead follow up strategy?”

1.Connect your lead capture forms to a software solution

If you want to follow up with leads at scale, you should look for a software solution that allows you to send an automated welcome message to contacts that give you their numbers.

That way you have a pre-scripted message that sends to each lead, preferably personalized with their name and what product or service they were interested in.

2.Create an SMS lead follow up sequence

Although SMS performs better than Email, you will still need to follow up with them. More often than not, the first text message will not elicit a response from every lead. If you follow up with these unresponsive leads, there is a higher chance they’ll respond as well as convert into a customer.

I recommend looking for a software solution that lets you deploy smart campaigns. This will let you automatically send sales follow up messages until the lead responds. Why make lead follow up harder than it is? Let software do it for you so that you can focus on giving them a great customer experience.

3.Make sure your customers can call the number you text them with

There is nothing worse than a customer experience riddled with friction. While there are times to introduce friction into your customer experience, this is not one of them.

While cold calling is disruptive, receiving an inbound call with an intent to learn more about your product shows high buying intent from your leads. This is why enabling your customers to call the same number to have a conversation with a rep is paramount to creating a smooth buying experience.

I recommend that your welcome message as well as your follow up drips have some sort of CTA to call you.

Here’s an example:

[ Hey Martin, this is Matt from the startup CatNip. I saw you were interested in our smart catnip technology. Feel free to text or call me at this number if you have any questions.]


  • SMS is how consumers prefer to communicate with businesses
  • Find an SMS software solution to automate lead follow up
  • Make sure your customers can call the number you text them with for a seamless customer experience
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