Text Message Marketing For Fitness Coaches

Joining a gym and staying active can be difficult for many people. That’s why personal trainers should arm themselves with the tools that will help their clients feel engaged and inspired coming to fitness sessions every day. 

You may have read a blog or two about marketing for fitness trainers. So you should know that building and keeping your client base requires building relationships, not mass marketing. Therefore figuring out how to provide a personalized experience for your fitness clients in and out of the gym should be your top priority.  

How can SMS and fitness support each other?

SMS or text message marketing allows you to have personalized interactions with your leads as well as engage the clients you already have with targeted content.

Lead Follow Up

We all know it’s challenging to follow up with our incoming online leads. When you put out great content that inspires people to sign up for a class or attend a webinar, you’re bound to be overwhelmed with so many leads you won’t have time to read let alone follow up with them.

With automated SMS marketing, you’re capable of not only follow up with incoming leads on a timed basis, but also personalize the message to their needs. 

For example:

Some of our current fitness coaches sell fitness courses online. They range from programs that help their clients lose weight, gain muscle mass, or learn how to balance their Macros to meet goals. When a lead enters their CRM, they are able to segment and tailor the message to the potential clients specific needs. If the lead was interested in losing weight, they were “tagged” weightLoss and sent a message roughly like this

“Hey Amber,

This is RF from Respond Flow Fitness. I saw that you were interested in my weight loss program. I understand the daily struggle to shed the pounds, which is why I created my fat burner weight loss program. Feel free to call or text me at this number if you have any questions.



Creating a personalized experience allows you to have real time interactions with your potential customers as well as gives you a direct way to explain your service and offering through SMS/Text.

Inspiring Your Current Clients   

Once you successfully sign up new clients using SMS marketing, you’re now able to engage those same contacts with meaningful messages and cross promotions.

It’s important for your clients to succeed not only to promote your program but also to keep them coming back for more programs and courses. To motivate clients all it takes is the right text message sent at the right time.

Sending targeted scheduled blasts to your clients allows you to be the first thing they think of when they wake up as well as stay accountable to the program that they’ve purchased.

  • A Monday motivational 
  • Fitness Tip Tuesday
  • Event Reminders
  • Congratulations you just hit your goal!

Encouraging your clients through the process helps them follow through with their programs, be the best version of themselves, and keep them coming back for more classes.

No matter how much your clients love you, the fact is that statistically the majority of them will not open their emails and read your promotions. By sending your clients a personalized message, you are able to take advantage of the 98% SMS open rates and get more clients coming back.


SMS marketing is a tool that allows you to acquire new clients as well as engage your current ones in a meaningful way. Email never gets opened and it’s easy to be drowned out on social media.

SMS marketing lets you take the personalization of Email but actually be heard.


Thinking SMS marketing is right for your gym or coaching business? We can help.

Schedule a demo and see how we can help your business be seen.

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