If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably been hearing about the effectiveness of texting your customers. 98% open rates leading as well as a 56% response rate. 

Pretty wild numbers!

Although you know SMS is a big deal, you might not know where to start. Although there are countless creative use cases for text message marketing, in this blog we’ll be detailing the first SMS campaign every restaurant and bar should run.

1. Collect phone numbers

Initially, the first hurdle will be collecting your customers numbers. The effectiveness of all of your SMS campaigns will initially depend on the quantity and quality of your phone-number list.

Note: Do not import your customers numbers into your SMS software without their permission. This is very illegal and should be avoided. You can learn more about this here.

To collect your customers numbers, you should start by creating a QR code that links to a sign up form. This way you can enable patrons in your restaurant bar to sign up just by placing their camera over the bar. Here’s an article explaining how to set this up. 

Once you have an in house sign up form, we’d suggest adding a drink or food promotion after a customer signs up. By offering a free shot or taste of a desert, this incentivizes your customers to take action and get immediate value from your SMS marketing. It’ll also encourage them to tell their friends about it 😉.

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2. Engage Your Customers

So you’ve collected an SMS  list and are ready to start sending out texts to your customers. You might be tempted to go straight for the sell and text customers to come in and try your daily special. Trying to sell them from the start is the fastest way to lose your text audience faster than you build it.

We suggest texting your customers non-salesy and meaningful content about your restaurant bar that nobody else gets access to. One of our customers created a link to some of their craft cocktail recipes. This content shows your customers that you’re not just there to sell to them but that you’re there to give them a meaningful experience.

Think of it as great service extended outside of your restaurant. This is what keeps bringing customers back for more. 

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3. Get them through the doors

We’re a huge advocate of low pressure sales at Respond Flow but at the end of the day you need to drive people to your restaurant bar.

After a few initial texts, start dropping exclusive specials on the same specialty drink you sent content about. By giving your SMS list exclusive deals, you make your customers excited to receive a text from you and act on them. 

Here are a few text examples that will get patrons through the door.

  • Monday: Weekly specials
  • Tequila Tuesday: Discount on your first tequila drink
  • Wine Club Wednesday: Promote a specialty wine exclusive to your SMS audience

If you’re curious how SMS marketing can fit into your restaurant ‘s marketing strategy feel free to schedule a demo and we’ll help you brainstorm.


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