When we write, it’s grammatically correct to use periods… but when we send a text, it’s a quick way to kill the mood and look insincere.

Studies done by the University of Binghamton, suggest that ending your text messages with a period makes them seem less sincere.

After being caught sending period induced insincerity, we’ve taken a step back and have found the best way to end a text message without sounding like an insincere Richard.


Ok. Maybe two is enough. Nevertheless! Using exclamation points in your copy makes your copy read happier. Researchers have found that exclamation points make your copy look like it didn’t come from a supervisor but a friend. This is because we subconsciously expect our “superiors” to convey admiration to the level of an exclamation point.

Check the difference

Hey Peter. This is Matt from Respond Flow. Feel free to call or text me at this number with any questions.

Hey Peter! This is Matt from Respond Flow. Feel free to call or text me at this number with any questions!

2.End your sentences with EMOJIS 📲📈🦄

You use emojis, your friends use emojis, even some grandparents are using emojis 💁‍♂️👵  

Today, emojis are used to convey an emotion, object, or symbol. Using them to end your sentences 🙃

Use them in your SMS copy to lighten the mood and help your recipients visualize the message you’re conveying 🤓

In case you’re wondering – yes, you can have entire conversations with just Emojis 🤣



3. No punctuation is in

Sometimes if it doesn’t work leave it out

When sending a quick one line message, a text without punctuation gets to the point and makes the conversation feel more casual.

Is this what they call minimalist copy?


Ending your text messages with periods looks insincere. If you’re a business who contacts their customers via SMS, it might be time that you rethink your uptight tone and embrace a few more creative ways to punctuate your sentences.

  • Exclamation Points
  • Emojis
  • None at all

Don’t be Richard.

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