The biggest thing businesses get wrong when sending text messages is that they forget to introduce themself.

If you’re using a 10 digit (long Code) number, then you need to communicate with your customers, not notify them. Introduce yourselves like you would in real life.

Although this concept sounds simple, your texts will be less effective if you forget to say your name. That’s why in this post, we’ll be going over why you need to introduce yourself in the first text message so that you don’t make that mistake yourself.

Build trust with your leads from the very first text

If you’re implementing our lead generation tactics, you’re going to have to automate the first sales touch. Don’t confuse automation with being lazy.

The expertise in these messages is making an automated text look like you actually sent it.

Look at the difference between these two messages?

By introducing yourself, you put a name to the text as well as ensuring your contact that they are talking to a real person.

Increases open and engagement rates

Did you know that smartphones will analyze your incoming text messages and suggest what the name of the sender is if you don’t have that contact saved?

Spam is a huge issue for consumers today, so why bring that insecurity into the texting arena. Just by adding your name to the introduction, customers will more readily trust and open the message.

Creating a transparent experience with your customers, you’ll be able to increase your open rates as well as increase engagement.

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