Friday Insights #1

Welcome to the first installment of Friday Insights!

If you missed the introduction post, Friday insights is a blog series made to educate our readers on the data behind SMS marketing and how that can be applied to practical business use cases.

Let’s get started

Insight #1: Messaging is the number 1 reported use of smartphones. (Axway, Marketing Chars)

It’s no secret that with the uptick in smartphone usage that more and more consumers are choosing to use cell phones as their main method of communication.

This has prompted web designers, marketers, and businesses to take a mobile first approach in the way that they make and market their products online.

More people are spending the majority of their time on their mobile devices. Any forward thinking business owner and marketer should be thinking up creative ways to capture their customers attention on their mobile devices.

Insight #2: SMS makes up 85% of total mobile messaging (Reality Mine, Adweek)

This statistic speaks for itself. More people are using SMS to communicate than any other messaging platform. This includes facebook messenger, whats app, and alternative messaging platforms that are available.

Marketing 101 – Be where your customers are.

The first step to building a relationship with your potential customers is knowing how they prefer to communicate. If most consumers communicate via SMS, then your business should be enabled to send and receive SMS and meet your customer’s preferences.

Insight #3: Only 48% of businesses are currently equipped to communicate with customers via text (twilio)

The biggest shortcoming of any marketing strategy is to be reactive instead of proactive.

It shouldn’t matter that your main competitors haven’t started using SMS marketing because you need to think ahead of them in terms of how to communicate with your customers more effectively. 

Businesses who don’t stay ahead of trends will inevitably be unable to keep up with changing consume18r dynamics.


People use their smartphones to mainly message people.

-Shocker I know-

SMS is the most widely used method for phone users to communicate with each other. This means that the majority of consumers are using SMS daily.

Currently only 48% of businesses are sms enabled. This means that many businesses are not actively ahead of consumer communication trends.

Businesses who can meet these changing preferences will have an easier time acquiring and engaging their customers. Who wouldn’t want that?

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