Friday Insights #2

Hey guys, excited that you came around for the second Friday insights post.

Last week I went over insights around SMS usage and why so many businesses are ill equipped to handle customers preference to text. If you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This week I’ll be going into the weeds about SMS (Text Message Marketing) and why it’s perfect for sales teams and businesses that want to increase their lead conversion rate.

Let’s get started!

Insight #1: Sending 3 or more follow up text messages to prospects increases conversion by as much as 328% (Leads360, Crazy Egg)

Do you follow up with your prospects?

If you’ve ever been in a sales role you understand the importance of following up with prospects/leads. The more times you follow up, your likelihood to convert a customer increases because you are giving your prospect more opportunities to respond to your messages.

Insight #2: The average SMS campaign conversion rate is over 45% (Sales force)

This one goes out to all the sales reps struggling to get a 4% open rate, let alone a 45% percent conversion rate.

While emails have their place in your sales playbook, you should start looking into including SMS. It’s more personal than an email and to be frank, people prefer to communicate like they talk. Emails are notorious for encouraging what I like to call “proper language.”

Don’t overcomplicate things! Just text. It’s easier.

Insights #3: Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112.6% (leads360, Crazy Egg)

I’m sure you’re noticing a theme that a well timed text message can be the most effective thing that you do after you make initial contact with a prospect. So much so that even one SMS after talking with them, your odds of converting go way up.


If your sales team isn’t using SMS to reach out and follow up with your prospects, you are missing out on an effective tactic that increases conversion rates by up to 112% every time you send a follow up.

Again, not to put email on blast because we use email marketing, email is too formal for most customers.It encourages “proper language” and is not the preferred way customers like to communicate.

Just Text. It’s easier guys.

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